In contrast to Ge17Se83, due to lack of pressure points at P20GPa, the decrease of Ge Se bond length in the high density amorphous (HDA) phase is not observed. Nevertheless, further increase in the applied pressure should lead to a bond compression in the high pressure structural motifs as shown for Ge17Se83. At this stage, in the light of XRD and EXAFS results under pressure, evidence of a threshold behavior in the structural response of Ge17Se83 to the applied pressure is detected around 17GPa both in reciprocal and real space.

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In this issue Chua et al15 have confirmed the widely held belief that cataract in the central area of the lens has a greater impact on vision. The information presented is a helpful addition to the decision making process. However, in addition to location, the clinicopathological class of cataract is also important.

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