One of the most waistline and wallet friendly ways to eat right is to pack your own lunch. Lunch is the meal most often eaten out, and a study from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign found that every meal prepared away from home adds an additional 200 calories to your diet. And while eating out is convenient, packing a lunch doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming especially when you’re running behind in the mornings.

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Surgical procedures usedThe procedure chosen did not influence success. In all, 264 patients were treated with bilateral lateral rectus recessions and 58 patients with recess/resect procedures. Unilateral lateral rectus recession was performed in 26 patients, bilateral medial rectus resection in nine, and bilateral lateral rectus recession with unilateral medial rectus resection in eight.

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For those guests that get thirsty have bottled water on hand also good for those who want to rinse their mouths between wines. Keep a pitcher of water for rinsing glasses between tastings is recommended and remember to have something into which your guest can discard their rinse water. Unsalted water crackers or unflavored French bread should be provided for palate cleansing during the tasting.

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