Young, and wife Nancy, whom he had married in 1957, returned to Scotland, to open a pub in West Linton. This was a short lived venture, however, and, after a spell of unemployment, the Youngs bought into the Edinburgh based upholstery firm of Richard Wylie Ltd. Today it is still run by the Young family..

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As the students mourn, so do Chase’s parents. Jackie Brannon, his mother, attended homecoming wearing a shirt featuring a photo of her son. Friends and family continue to phone and message to check on her. Would you ever think the agitated, agitating agit prop princes of London fashion could produce a perfume? Especially one titled Tralala that smells like a Thirties boudoir staple? There was something of the old school loveliness about their show also, all driving lace edged georgettes and chiffons and soft tweed suits knotted up with bows. Gentle is the word, especially when contrasted with the violence and darkness that sometimes infuses their visions with a frisson of menace. There seemed a calmness to this offering, a willingness to simply indulge in the decadence of beauty for beauty’s sake..

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